by Jaime Baker

OHIO COUNTY, W. Va. — If you happened to be driving along National Road in Valley Grove Tuesday, you may have noticed a man walking along the street with a cart.

It may not look like much, but his story is actually pretty remarkable.

Since August, Bob McCormick has been waking busy streets all the way from Denver. Tuesday, he hit Ohio County, hoping to spread a message.

"I’m walking from Denver to D.C., and I’m walking to promote intergenerational justice,” he said.

A few years ago, McCormick read a book called the "Handbook on Intergenerational Justice,” and it changed his life and the way he looked at it.

He wanted to spread the word about what he learned and how the current generation's acts can affect the lives of future generations.

"That's what intergenerational justice is all about. Do we have a responsibility to future humans? My own conclusion is, yes, we do. I was going to talk about it, but I decided to walk about it,” he said.

So, the 69-year-old packed up a few things and he hit the road. He left Denver on foot on Aug. 2.

He spends his day walking, stopping in local restaurants for some meals and, depending on money, will sleep in hotels.

He doesn't carry much in his cart other than a few necessities and a sign.

"If I can't make it to a hotel, I have to have food, water. I do have extra clothing. I’ve got a tent. Everything I would need, I’m self-contained. It's a lot. It's a lot to push up hills,” McCormick said.

His next stop will be in Washington, Pennsylvania. He's walked about 1,400 miles, but still has about 300 left to go.

It hasn't been an easy process by any means, and it's one that won't be over when he makes his way to Washington, D.C.

Bob McCormick