by Elizabeth Morehead, ZANESVILLE, Ohio

It’s 1,700 miles from Denver, Colorado to Washington, DC and one man is walking each mile alone.

69-year-old Bob McCormick is walking across the country to raise awareness about Intergenerational Justice. He said it’s time for humans to start thinking about future generations and how current actions will affect the world of tomorrow.

“We’re the current caretakers of the Earth,” said McCormick. “A lot of studies are telling us we’re not taking care of it in a way that perhaps we should be.”

McCormick said there are simple actions such as recycling and using renewable energy that can help make a difference, however the problem expands beyond that. He says that 93% of children globally are being affected developmentally by pollution and he urges people to look past the short-term outcomes and think of how to work for long-term improvements.

“I think current humans are a lot of the problems that we are seeing today is because we don’t think long-term, we think short-term,” said McCormick.

He said if humans fail to change their behavior, future generations will look back and wonder what we were thinking.

“And I think that at some particular point if we don’t change our behavior they’re going to scratch their head and wonder what we were thinking,” said McCormick. “So, its time we scratch our own heads and start thinking, thinking about them.”

Bob McCormick