Five years ago, Bob McCormick moved Colorado to live closer to his grandkids. He chose West Highland because amenities were close. He was still suffering from old football injury that ravaged his hips and knees, and he could walk little more than the few blocks it took to reach nearby services.

What pained him more was a feeling of loss that humans in the U.S. and across the world weren’t living with a sense of responsibility for those who would come after us. The 69-year-old took care of his body first, got his hips and knees replaced, and then turned his attention to those bigger issues. About 10 days ago, McCormick woke up in the middle of the night with an idea: he would walk to Washington, D.C.

More than just talking, it was a something that he could do that might bring attention to what he calls “intergenerational justice,” attention to how peoples’ actions now may affect his grandchildren and their grandchildren after them. ….

Bob McCormick