Day Thirty-One

"A month of walking and 400 miles-- about 1/4 of the distance to DC on this Walk for Change. I’ve settled into a routine: four days of walking and then one day of rest. I eat in restaurants when available, but otherwise it's oatmeal for breakfast and REI add-water meals for lunch and dinner, hoping each tastes a little different than my last REI add-water meal. I take a break about every five miles and try to walk between fifteen and twenty miles a day.

"When it comes to changing our relationship with the Earth and future humans, one approach is to change our personal routines. Drive less, recycle, reuse, use LEDs, etc. But ONLY changing personal routines, although valuable, is no longer enough. This approach may have been adequate, and may have allowed us to turn things around 200 years ago, when there was only 1 billion of us and fossil fuels were just being put to use.

"Today, just during the 30 minutes I have spent typing this journal piece, human activity has added 432 million tons of carbon to the atmosphere. Altering our personal routines is an approach. So is altering our mindsets regarding our responsibilities as the world’s current humans to our children and all of the world’s future humans. That's the path to Intergenerational Justice. 

"These are my latest steps. What are yours?"

Bob McCormick