Day Fifty-Five

764 miles | Hannibal, MO | Follow Bob's progress live with Spot GPS.

“The night before I left Denver I gave a talk which included this Albert Einstein quote:

You can never fix a problem using the same mindset used when the problem was created.
— Albert Einstein

“And now, after almost 800 miles of walking, with a lot of thinking and talking about IJ mixed in, the quote has become almost a daily reminder about why I’m walking.

“I believe our children and all future humans have a monumental problem. Current human activity is destroying the fragile ecosystem needed to support human life and we know it. Yet our mindset seems to be, everything will work out or everything won’t work out, but either way, it does not matter for current human activity is beyond our control. Throw in the other responsibility shedding aspect of our current mindset, namely: ‘I’m just one human, there’s nothing I can do.’ Right there, Einstein’s dictum becomes very clear and self-fulfilling. We cannot stop ourselves from self destructing, while believing human activity is beyond our control.

“I would not be walking to DC if I thought for a minute that everything will work out or everything won’t work out, no matter what we do. I walk because I know, whether everything will or won’t work out is totally dependent on what we do. Changing our mindset is imperative and adding the well-being of future humans to our goals is a mindset changer.”

Bob McCormick