Day Sixteen

"So far I have walked 213.7 miles. It took me 15 days, which comes to 14.25 miles per day. I did spend 2 days not walking, when I was doing cart repairs and resting, but I see that as an ongoing need. If all things remain the same, I should be in DC around Nov. 30. I may quicken the pace a bit and try to be there by Thanksgiving, since that several family members and friends plan to walk those last miles into DC with me.

"Just since I started walking, we have added 3,000,000 more humans to our numbers. And that is a net number: births minus deaths. We currently add 2.4 million tons of carbon dioxide to the Earth’s atmosphere every second. Our current strategies to self regulate our numbers and our activities are obviously not enough.

"Einstein’s dictum about never being able to solve a problem using the same mindset that created the problem fits our dilemma perfectly. I am willing to walk another 1300 miles to promote Intergenerational Justice not because it is the solution, but because it opens the door to a change of our mindsets."

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Bob McCormick