Day Ten

“Today or tomorrow, I’ll be out of Colorado and into Kansas. It's 29 miles to St. Francis, KS. I’m excited to get moving, but I know this is a big milestone for me and I’m thinking about a lot of things that got me here-- and things that will keep me going.

“The people of Colorado have been amazing. I’ve had strangers stop on the road to offer me water and I’ve had friends and neighbors drive out to deliver supplies. Last night in Idalia, CO I stopped at The Grainery for dinner. As I went to pay the bill I found out that a woman who just left had taken care of it. Then the chef there paid for a hotel room for me. This support is amazing-- especially since they don’t all understand what it is that I’m walking for. I’ve been trying to figure out an easier way to explain it to the busy people I meet along the way. More on that later.

“I’ve walked 112 miles as of this morning. I was covering about 10 miles a day at the beginning and now I’m averaging more than 20. I’m making adjustments with my cart and other equipment-- especially trying to make sure I can be seen by vehicles. I’ve learned that spending nights in hotels when I can, away from the relentless heat and bugs, helps me to recover more quickly. And with these lessons and adjustments, the goal seems much closer.

“I’m also thinking that this walk is a lot like the solution I’m walking for. It’s a long road and it’s not easy, but it’s achievable... take one step at a time in the right direction, make adjustments, and have bits of support from people who care too.”

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"The people of Colorado have been amazing."

Bob McCormick