The Journey Begins

Tomorrow morning, around sunrise, I'll begin walking from Denver to DC to promote Intergenerational Justice. "Why?" most people will ask, and "What is Intergenerational Justice?"

Ten years ago, I had never heard of Intergenerational Justice. I knew that something was seriously wrong with the way we are conducting current human affairs and I knew that continuing in this way would leave a broken planet for future generations. But I also knew that we could change. I wrote a book, and I began to research and seek out like mined individuals.

Two years ago, my focus necessarily turned to my health. I couldn't walk two hundred yards. But I knew this journey wasn't over. I replaced two hips and a knee, and began to train. 

I'm ready to walk and talk. As I walk these 1700 miles, I want to meet others who are ready for change. Follow my path on Facebook. Meet me for a conversation. Walk with me a bit. Or share the journey on social media to help promote the change. 

So "Hello", my fellow global citizens. I look forward to meeting you sometime over the next three or four months, so we can discuss our hopes for all current and future humans.

Bob McCormick