I’m almost done! I’m so excited to be rolling through Northern Virginia and headed to the U.S. Capitol on Sunday. Come out and meet me; locations and times below.

SATURDAY, 12/8, 4pm: I’ll be arriving at the Vienna Caboose (and the mural!) at 4pm. Family and friends are flying in to meet and celebrate.

SUNDAY, 12/9, 8am: Accompanied by a few family members, I’ll be leaving the Caboose in Vienna for a 16.6-mile final leg to the U.S. Capitol. (Contact me at 720-893-0420 or if you want to join us, because we might be leaving earlier.)

SUNDAY, approximately 1:30-3pm: We’ll be passing the Arlington Cemetery and then Smithsonian Metro stations. If you want to join in the final steps of the walk, track me live with SPOT.

SUNDAY, 3-3:30pm: Arriving at the U.S. Capitol.

See you soon!

Bob McCormick