Day Sixty-Three

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At least one contributing factor in my decision to walk from Denver to DC occurred when I read the first sentence in the introduction to the book, “Handbook of Intergenerational Justice”, many years ago.

The concept of ‘Intergenerational Justice’ may very well become an intellectual leitmotif of the new century.
— Dr. Joerg Chet Tremmel

Although Dr. Tremmel prediction may be off time wise, Intergenerational Justice has entered the domain of human thought. Once gender, racial and social justice became a part of human thinking, they became permanent residents in our minds, giving birth to an entirely new set of mores and laws. We have a long way to go, but no human today would advocate dropping our universal quest for gender, racial and social justice.

I agree with Dr. Tremmel. Intergenerational Justice is about to take a seat at the table and when it does it may very well become the intellectual leitmotif of our times. That is my hope and my reason for walking.

Bob McCormick