Day Seventy-Five

1029 miles | Indianapolis, IN | Follow Bob's progress live with Spot GPS.

It is a bit difficult to judge whether walking to promote a concept as unknown as Intergenerational Justice is being successful. So far, five newspapers, two radio stations, and two local TV stations have all mentioned IJ in their coverage about the walk. But, except for Gary Henry’s piece in the The Prairie Press, the stories are more about an old man walking from Denver to DC than about the importance of accepting the responsibilities that come with being the Earth’s current humans.

Just last week the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change, issued a dire warning. We are running out of time to accept the responsibility mentioned above. The good news is we still have time. But in order to use that time effectively, we may have to, at least temporarily, stop following our current leaders and their relentless pursuit of the “Fool’s Gold” of a better life for all current humans. 

It is my hope—and I would not be walking without hope—that very soon we come to realize that future humans need and deserve our support. Ironically, I doubt there is a better way to address what ails us today than to elevate our concerns for the well-being of future humans.

I’m headed West tomorrow morning, and for the first time since leaving Denver, I will not be walking on Rte. 36; I’ll be on Rte 40 for a while now.

Bob McCormick