a walk for change


I'm taking a walk-- a rather long walk-- from Denver, CO to Washington, DC. My hope in undertaking this journey is to draw attention to a beautiful and ever-so-timely new facet of justice: Intergenerational Justice.

The well-being of our children and all future humans is threatened by current human activity.

Intergenerational Justice deserves a seat at the table when we are discussing how we will conduct our affairs, locally, nationally and globally.

September 11, 2001 changed a lot of lives and it changed mine too. On September 10, I was on the Vienna, Virginia Town Council. I was a community activist and had received many awards for volunteer work including “Citizen of the Year” from our local newspaper. I was involved and dedicated to local affairs, all the while holding onto a core belief that those in charge up the line were going to make sure that every generation handed the next generation a better world. 9/11 changed everything for me.

My core belief, however naive it may have been, was gone. Everything was not getting better, my children and their children might have a worse set of circumstances to deal with than we had and it might continue until .... This thought consumed me. I wanted to quit the town Council. My wife talked me into staying because people had voted for me. So I finished my term, didn’t run for reelection, but my world was falling apart. I ended up getting divorced and eventually landed in the Psych Ward at Georgetown Hospital, a lock down facility. I ended up not taking my own life and dedicated myself to doing personal research on our long term prospects. If we were or were not headed in the right direction, I needed to know.

About 10 years ago my research led me to a rather obscure book called the “The Handbook on Intergenerational Justice” written by a group of German academics. Slowly, over time, thinking and reading about IJ changed my perspective. I am no longer convinced we are doomed. Now I would like to share what I have learned. I was going to just talk about it, but then decided a walk from Denver to DC, promoting Intergenerational Justice was a better idea.


Don't let our indulgences be our children's pain... 
Join me in committing to the future of all mankind.